Director: Abed Abonamous
Art Director: Mark Molnar
Publisher: Amazon Games

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth

Series Production Design by
Justin Ludwig (season 2)
Production Companies:
Paramount Television

Joe Pickett S02

Directed by Tom Harper
Costume Design by Julian Day

Heart of Stone

Director: Stuart Aitken, Sava Zivkovic
Art Director: Mark Molnar
Publisher: Bungie

Destiny 2: Lightfall

Series Production Design by Philip Messina,
Sam Lisenco, Mandar Nagaonkar and Doug Huszti


Directed by Neill Blomkamp
Costume Design by Terry Anderson

Gran Turismo

Series Production Designer:
Ruth Ammon and Emma Fairley

Mrs Davis

Publisher: Ghostfire Gaming
Art Director: Zoe Robinson


Costume design by
Wendy Partridge

Shadow and Bone Season 2

Fantasy Flight Games, LLC

Arkham Horror