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General info

We are always looking for talented artists for our project-specific freelance pool.
Please send your portfolios to

We do our best to reply to all job inquiries, but we do not have the time to give detailed feedback due to our busy schedule.
Please note that we do not accept and review any physical portfolios and they will not be returned to the sender.

Requirements for in-house concept artists

Inhouse positions currently are only available to hungarian citizens.

When we are looking for in-house artists, we seek people who have a wide range of skill sets and who are able to switch between tasks with ease. 

To work in our studio, you need to be proficient in combining photobashing and painting techniques to create complex location and keyframe concepts with a realistic look. 3D skills are a plus, but we do NOT have 3D-specific positions since we primarily create 2D concepts for the pre-production of live action projects.

Typical design tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Location & keyframe concepts
  • Costume design
  • Game illustrations
Location & Keyframe concepts

We create set designs and keyframe concepts for live action projects – not only helping to design the location but also populating them with appropriately costumed crowds to portray the mood of the given scenes.

Showcase that you can create complex indoor and outdoor scenes with multiple figures, combining different workflows efficiently. 

We want to see:

  • complex, functional space
  • accurate perspective
  • realistic textures, materials
  • believable lighting
  • efficient use of photobashing
Costume design

When we work on costume design for live action movies,  our main task is to illustrate the vision of the costume designer, providing detailed, presentable designs of key costumes and other accessories.

Show us that you can combine photos and digital painting efficiently to create realistic / believable garments.

  • keep realistic body proportions
  • portray different materials effectively
  • be consistent with the lighting

We work for publishing companies creating RPG and card games, providing them with detailed illustrations of characters, vehicles, props, environments as well as narrative illustrations for key scenes and chapter openers to help create an immersive world for their games.

Show us that you have a solid understanding of drawing fundamentals and that you are skilled in digital painting.

We want to see:

  • fully painted characters in an interesting pose 
  • story driven illustrations