New World - Rise of the Angry Earth

Senior team
Director: Abed Abonamous
Executive Producer: Nicole Duncan
Producer: Valeria Palamarchuk
CG Supervisor: Steven Barbour
Art Director: Mark Molnar
Concept Artists from Pixoloid: Peter Lerner, Zsolt Szabados and Janos Gardos

Publisher: Amazon Games


Art Direction
Environment Design
Character Design
Prop Design
VFX Design

Change is coming to Aeternum. The region formerly known as First Light has been ravaged by the fury of Artemis and the Angry Earth.

Working with the team of Axis Studios, we provided Art Direction, Visual Development and also Prop, Character/Creature and Environment designs.

Wolf at the Edge
Wolf with Plant
Wolf with Tuluug
Adiana's entrance
Adiana's entrance - Tuluug view
Alien forest
Color script
Axe of Taurus
Alient Plants
Alient Plant
Alient Plant
Alient Tree
Alient Plant