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SEED by Mark Molnar

By Films & series

Huge congratulations to our teammate Mark Molnar on the release of his short film, SEED. We couldn’t be prouder!

The film is a story of a lonely android stranded on a barren planet searching for a precious artifact. After crash landing on a freshly discovered planet, he decides to go further towards his original goal, what was a mysterious ancient object hidden in one of the volcanoes of the planet. The short film is a touching metaphor of getting through an art block and finding the next goal in life.

Created and directed by Mark Molnar
Music by Iz Svemira
Sound Design by Odiseja Studio
Character Animation Refinement by Levente Fekete
Official site:



IAMAG Masterclasses 2024

By Events, Partnership
IAMAG Masterclasses 2024 was an absolute delight! Many thanks to Patrice Leymarie and @iamagco for organizing this exceptional event.
We are really proud of Mark Molnar, who had not even one, but two talks during these 3 days of Masterclasses.
And can’t wait to be part of such inspiring experiences in the future!