Magic The Gathering: Innistrad - Midnight Hunt

Senior team
Director: Jon Yeo
Executive Producer: Traci Tufte
Producer: Nicole Anderson
Producer: Lorna Reaoch
CG Supervisor: Vania Alban-Zapata
Art Director: Mark Molnar


Art Direction
Keyframe Development
Prop Design
Environment Design

Directed by Jon Yeo, Midnight Hunt is the trailer for Magic The Gathering’s 87th card expansion.
Working with the team of Axis studios, we provided Art Direction, Visual Development and also Prop and Environment designs

Midnight Hunt is a trailer for Magic’s gothic horror card set, Innistrad. In this story, we follow Tim’s journey to the Heron Orphanage as he encounters the frightening headmaster Jerren, and the threat of the werewolves prowling the estate. Dangerously feral creatures with frightening power lurking beyond the walls of the orphanage.

Orphanage Wall
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Tim in Window
Forest with Wolf
Orphanage Window
Orphanage Door