Drone Ambush 2047

Director, Production Designer,
Production Companies: Undisclosed


Concept and keyframe development
Environments, character and prop design
Storyboard and 3D layout of scenes

Our task was to help out in the early pre-production to prepare the visual pitch for the project. This included a rough storyboard to see the flow of the scene, designing a cohesive world, where the pitch’ story takes place and the full pre-production of the key elements – environments, sets, costumes, weapons and props.

Keyframe concept Drone ambush
Keyframe concept - soldiers battle robot
Battle mech keyframe concept
Keyframe concept - soldier battle mech
Explosion keyframe concept - Drone ambush
Mech design, Drone ambush
Mech design, robot Drone ambush
Mech design, Sentry bot - Drone ambush
Gun, prop design, Drone ambush
Prop design - concepts for Drone ambush
gun, mercenary soldier costume design variations
Drone ambush color script, thumbnails
Drone ambush storyboard
Storyboard 3d composition mech fight
3D Keyframe Concept for Drone Ambush
Drone ambush composing, 3D base