Directed by Hamzah Jamjoom
Production Designer: Hamzah Jamjoom, Patrick Wimp
VFX Supervisor (Teaser): Antoine Durr
Post Producer (Teaser): Neal Allen

Production Companies: Digital Hydra, Space Prophet, Pixoloid Studios


Concept design of environments and key sets
Costume and character designs
Vehicle and key prop designs
Storyboard and keyframe design (teaser)
Matte painting and set extension (teaser)

Our task was to establish the visual world for the pilot episode of the planned series. This included the full pre-production of the key elements, including environments, sets, costumes, vehicles, weapons and props.

Before the teaser we helped to create a live action teaser, where we also had to manage the 2d aspects of the post production. This involved vfx design, matte painting, set extension and replacement of live shots and managing the complete vfx pipeline.

Balance Matte painting
Balance concept art - space data center
Balance concept design - space hangar
Balance Vehicle design, spaceship
Balance Vehicle design, spaceship
Balance Character costume concept
Balance soldier costume concept variations