Artists: Norbert Birgany, Reka Boros, Áron Fodor, Janos Gárdos, Gáspár Gombos, Péter Lerner, Mark Molnar, Zsolt “Mike” Szabados


We are happy to share some artworks that were made using the historically authentic 3d scanned assets from 3dProp.store asset library.

The bundles and single items of 3dProp.store gave us a lot of inspiration and they made our artist team use them in many creative ways: we created images of different genres, such as fantasy, horror, period, etc., but they also proved to be a good basis for creating painting studies. We used them according to their function, but in some pictures they appear in a completely different role.

Mirror – Peter Lerner

The Client – János Gárdos 

The magician – Norbert Birgány

Steampunk Pipe character
King character
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Birthday – Gáspár Gombos

Vampire – Réka Boros

Conspiracy – Peter Lerner

Bad news – Réka Boros

Salon, late 19th century – Mark Molnar

Kitchen, early 20th century – Gáspár Gombos

Kitchen scene – Zsolt ‘Mike’ Szabados

Winter in the Village – Áron Fodor, Mark Molnar

Study painting
Coffee Shop
Bakery Kitchen
Bakery Shop
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